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    As with any product there'll always be ones that aren't perfect. 
    We don't believe any company or product is immune to that. 

    Rather than sending our cups to landfill or the recycling plant we sell ours at a discounted price when we have them available. We believe some people simply don't care enough and because we have to have the cups in a particular light with our tongues in the right place to even see the defects we bet you don't even see the faults. 

    We want no part in creating more rubbish because our egos are too tired of being perfectionists.

    Our promise to you is that we will never send you a glass cup that is broken, cracked or chipped. Nor will the silicone have holes, be weak or thin

    What you may receive is glass that has tooling marks on the inside that create faint lines in the glass or you may receive silicone that has a tiny bits of fluff in it or slight indents.

    Having seconds available to purchase means more people can afford them meaning we get more cups off the street. After all, this is #LUXEYLOVE.