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    Our Ethics

    As a reusable cup company naturally we are passionate about reducing single use waste and offering consumers an alternative to single use plastic. We are all about practicality, functionality, innovation and style and sustainability is at the forefront of our product development.

    All of our products are custom designed in Australia at our Luxey HQ and as of late 2021 we are excited to be bringing half of our manufacturing home to Australian soil, as our silicone will be manufactured at our warehouse on the Sunshine Coast.

    Luxey Cup is a plastic free company and no plastic is used in the packaging or transportation of our products. We use recyclable packaging and pack each order with recycled corrugated wrap, recycled paper void filler and seal each box with water activated paper tape. We also occasionally use compostable corn starch satchels for smaller orders and all of our marketing materials are printed on uncoated ecostar card.

    When we pack your orders, we check over every single piece of silicone and glass and look for any blemishes. The items that we find even with the slightest bit of fluff or blemish are what we call Seconds and instead of sending them to landfill like many retail brands, we put them aside and sell them for a reduced price. Our Seconds products are still fully functional and don’t effect the functioning of the cup, we just have high standards!

    We believe in giving back and Luxey is a member of 1% for the planet which is an alliance of businesses that understand the necessity of protecting the natural environment. By joining this alliance LUXEY Cup commits to donating 1% of total sales across all its operations. 1% For The Planet certifies that every dollar contributed goes to a trusted nonprofit that aligns with our LUXEY values.

    Our HQ

    We are all about reducing our impact, reusing and recycling not only in the products we design and manufacture but also within our office and warehouse. We have a strong connection to nature and are passionate about sustainability; we believe in living a holistic lifestyle for our health and the future of our planet. 

    Our HQ is completely powered with 10kw solar power. We don’t use any electricity and we do not consume any fossil fuel energy at our warehouse. We will be adding another 13kw shortly for our new imported machinery as our new silicone machinery will require more solar power totalling 23kw of solar power.

    We have a composting worm farm in our Luxey HQ backyard so all of our food scraps from staff lunches don't go to landfill. We have our own warehouse bee hive as bees are essential for the planet, and also have a bin system for the kitchen; Soft Plastics, Recyclable, Compost, Landfill, Cardboard.