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    the dream

     There’s nothing like having kids to make you stop and think about the kind of world they will grow up in and the impact it might have on them. After Sandy and Andy had Honor (5) and Haven (3) they became more mindful of how their actions affected the world and started acting towards a more sustainable life. But just contributing from their home wasn’t enough. our missionWhen Sandy and Andy noticed that many environmental problems were caused by unnecessary waste - just them as a couple could be using up to 936 coffee cups in one year! - they knew that their mission was helping people to reduce waste. And by combining their purpose with the love for design and innovation they had the idea of creating an elegant, beautiful and fun reusable cup that people would actually LOVE to use - LUXEY CUP.our storyWith the support of the amazing LUXEY community the couple raised $40,000 in less than 12 hours through a Kickstarter campaign in December 2018. Sandy and Andy are so grateful to be able to work non-stop ever since and keep creating the world they had pictured for their kids and to continue giving back to the community.



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    Reducing waste has never been so easy, so stylish, so enjoyable!


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