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    Product Care Information

    Ice and my Luxey Cup? 
    As with all glass vessel we strongly suggest you don't drop ice directly into the bottom of any Luxey Cup, this will cause the glass the break. Instead, pop your liquid in first and the ice in after to create a landing pad for the ice.

    Do Luxey Cups fit in car holders?
    Yes, our cups are specifically designed to fit standard car cup holders.

    What size silicone separates should I order?
    We have two silicone sizes that fit our range of cups, Original size and Large size. Original size silicone bases and lids will fit our miniLUX, LittleLUX and OriginalLUX cups. Our Large bases and lids will fit Middle Child and Smoothie cups.

    How long do hot drinks stay hot?
    Our Borosilicate glass is heat resistant however Luxey Cup is not a flask vessel and is not designed to keep liquids hot for a long period of time. However you can expect your hot drink to stay hot for up to 30 minutes depending on the weather.

    Do the lids seal?
    We have 3 types of lids that fit our cups. Our hot drinks lids allow you to sip (and can be sealed with a spill stopper) and cold drinks lids have a hole for a straw. We also have our sealed lids which have no holes for sipping or straws and are easily removable.

    Are Luxey Cups recyclable?
    Our glass is made from Borosilicate glass which is 100% recyclable. While Borosilicate glass is stronger (and lighter) than ordinary glass they can still break. Be conscious when carrying and storing the cup to limit the chances of breakages. We designed the silicone base to protect the glass from minor knocks but still be mindful when using your cup. If you experience a breakage, keep your silicone as it is reusable.

    How do I clean and care for my Luxey Cup?
    Luxey cups are easy to clean, and should be cleaned after each use. All pieces of the cups are dishwasher safe. There is no need to remove the silicone base, and there is no need to flip the lids inside out to clean. To remove any stubborn marks from the silicone, like makeup or lipstick a simple baby wipe should work or a clean cloth with coconut oil, lemon juice, lemon essential oil or rubbing alcohol will work well.To clean the inside of the Smoothie Cup, simply use a regular bottle brush cleaner. Please do not use steel wool or a harsh abrasive to clean the cups.

    A soft cloth is all that is required. To clean your straw (included with Smoothie Cup) use the straw cleaner provided after every use and rinse with clean water.
    Please do not allow children to chew or bite the silicone pieces as this can leave teeth marks. The silicone, however, is medical/food grade. Do not cut or puncture the silicone pieces with scissors or a knife. Sharp utensils will damage the silicone.

    Does silicone smell?
    It has no smell however it can sometimes take on smells from detergents and dishwashers etc. Best way to wash your Luxey silicone is hand wash with hot water and mild soap.